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Denison University

Campus Membership Dates: 

Denison University joined HECUA in June 2007, culminating three years of membership development and relationship building.  During that planning period, HECUA and Denison exchanged ideas about pedagogy, curricular integration, community-based learning, civic engagement in international and US contexts, and a range of other topics at the intersection of international study, service learning and the liberal arts.

Andrew Law, former Director of International & Off Campus Study, was instrumental in guiding Denison University’s exploration of HECUA membership and engaging key faculty and staff in that process. Interim Provost Keith Boone submitted the formal application request on behalf of Denison, and he appointed two representatives to serve on the HECUA Board of Directors.

Since September 2007, Provost Bradley Bateman has served as the chief academic official for the HECUA-Denison collaboration, and annually he has an opportunity to review the work of the consortium and reappoint existing or appoint new representatives to the HECUA board.

100 West College Street
Granville, Ohio 43023

Denison University seeks to inspire and educate its students to become autonomous thinkers, discerning moral agents, and active citizens of a democratic society. As a community of learners, Denison emphasizes active learning and seeks to fully engage students in their liberal arts education. Denison University and HECUA are partners in encouraging students to have compassion that is unlimited by cultural, racial, sexual, religious or economic barriers and be effective agents of change.

Special services HECUA provides to the campus:
• Denison students participate in HECUA’s Civil Rights program through the campus initiative, Denisonians for Social Change. Erik Farley, Lyn Robertson and Andrew Law guide the selection and preparation of program participants and work with the students when they return to campus in the fall.

Application Process

Students must first seek approval from the Off Campus Study Office (OCS) at Denison to study off-campus before they can apply for a HECUA program. Approval is granted through the off-campus study proposal process, which starts with an individual advising appointment with Dr. Andy Law, Director of OSC and culminates with the completion of an off-campus study proposal packet, which can be obtained in the OCS. The OCS will the pass the completed and approved application to HECUA.

Off Campus Study Office
Fellows 413
(740) 587-6532

DEADLINE:  Denison has a year-out deadline for off-campus study.  Proposals for Summer 2012, Fall 2012, and Spring 2013 are due January 18, 2012.

Need more assistance?

As you begin the application process and for more information about available programs, requirements, and fees, a HECUA Program Representative is always available:

Kari Pederson Behrends
Lauren White

The following students have agreed to respond to questions about their specific HECUA experience:

  • Francesca Lai, participated in Democracy and Social Change in Northern Ireland Spring 2015,
  • Keara Kilbane, participated in Community Internships in Latin America Spring 2015,
  • Emma Barnes, participated in The New Norway Fall 2014,
  • Allyson Clark, participated in New Zealand Culture and the Environment Fall 2014,
  • Nelson Dow, participated in New Zealand Culture and the Environment Fall 2014,
  • Madison Willingham, participated in Democracy and Social Change in Northern Ireland Fall 2014,
  • Nia D'Emilio, participated in Democracy and Social Change in Northern Ireland Fall 2014,

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