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Students from any institution, any field are welcome on HECUA programs. Students at consortium member and non-member institutions follow the same process to participate..

A student registers to participate in a HECUA USA program. A slightly longer application process is required for HECUA Abroad programs.

You're eligible to participate in a HECUA program if:

  • You've completed a first year of college/university in a degree-seeking program
  • You meet GPA requirements for off-campus study at your home college/university (HECUA follows home institutions' policies)
  • You're enrolled at and meet the requirements for off-campus study set by your home college/university

Keep in mind that your home campus will most likely have earlier or different deadlines, and may have other requirements for off-campus study. These may include a higher required GPA, different essay questions, additional letters of reference, different tuition/program fees, etc.

HECUA deadlines to register/apply Fall
HECUA USA Programs April 15 -- December 1 April 15
HECUA Abroad Programs March 15 November 1 November 1 --

Click on the appropriate icon below to review instructions and get started on the process.